History Museum Hohegeiss

History Museum Hohegeiss/ Harz


Experience the culture of Harz!

Learn about the exciting history of this beautiful mountain village, Hohegeiss!

Our history museum is housed in the "Old Parish", the oldest house in Hohegeiss.

The building itself, a half-timbered house, has been left entirely in its original condition, which reflects the history of this small remarkable town.  
Wide old floorboards as once found in traditional hardware shops, an old smokehouse and laundry room are well preserved.                                       

See through a glass plate the original half-timber structure of the building which was installed during renovation works.
In the rooms are furniture and tools from centuries past. It is also possible today to get married in a civil ceremony in the “Guten Stube” (Parlour).

Experience in themed divided rooms the answers to some of these interesting questions:

•    Why did the inner German border run directly along this location?
•    How did the founding of Hohegeiss in 1444 begin?
•    What was the importance of mining copper and iron?
•    How did the local population make a living?
•    How did tourism begin?

These and many more questions will be answered during your visit, or on a guided tour of our local history museum. We look forward to meeting you!

The museum is open from May to early November, during the Christmas holidays and the end of January to early February.

For other special opening times or guided private tours please contact the Tourist-Information Office.


Museumsverein Hohegeiß e.V.
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History Museum Hohegeiß