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  • Experience Wurmberg cable car, Foto: Marcgilsdorf
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  • Experience Wurmberg cable car


Our popular Wurmberg cable car awaits you!

Soar high with the longest cable car in northern Germany in comfortable six-person cabins in 15 minutes to the top of the Wurmberg to an altitude of 971 m above sea level and experience the enchanting views over the magnificent landscape of the Harz!

With a capacity of 960 passengers per hour it is one of the most modern “gondolas” in Europe.

In summer the Wurmberg is a popular destination. The fantastic views over the Harz and the Brocken are unique!

Hearty snacks in traditional alpine cabins. The "Wurmberg-Alm”, which offers a sun terrace and lawn for sunny days looks after your creature comforts on the mountain top, while the "Rodelhaus" with its large winter garden and children's playground cater for your culinary needs. Then perhaps ride down the mountain with the Monster Scooters.

Fun for kids

For the children there is a big playground right next to the large beer garden terrace on the Wurmberg mountain pasture. A large sandbox and numerous climbing frames and play equipment give your children something to do for a few hours. The playground was designed so that parents can always keep an eye on their kids but still enjoy their coffee and the nice weather while sitting in the beer garden undisturbed.

Another playground is located about 70 m away from the mountain restaurant Wurmberg-Alm directly by the mountain station of the cable car.

In between the mountain station of the cable car and the Wurmberg-Alm, is the large Goat Enclosure. The enclosure can be entered by children and offers an exciting gaming experience.

Not far from the goat enclosure there is the rabbit enclosure. With large and small rabbits, dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs, this enclosure always attracts crowds of children. Your children will be raving for a long time about their trip to the summit of the Wurmberg!

Those who are lucky can watch the annual cattle drive in the spring and autumn.

The cable car can transport your children’s push chair up to the top, or you can walk to the summit on the 4.5 km long paved trail. A changing station for the little ones is available in the Wurmberg-Alm.


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